FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are the frequently asked questions about CMOLocator.

  • Why was this website created?

    CMOLocator was created to aid companies searching for a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO).  Our experience in the biopharma industry helped us identify the need for a searchable index of CMOs.  CMOLocator fulfills that need.
  • Is the CMOLocator Search service free?

    Yes, the search service is 100% free.  Our index is sustainable thanks to the advertising and use of our services by the visitors to this website.
  • Why don't you charge for the search?

    A visitor to our site can start searching right away - we don't even require registration.  We do not charge to see the search results because we are confident that a portion of users will purchase our Additional Services.
  • I'd like to list my company on your search engine.  What are the requirements?

    Your company must be a biopharma Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) or a product company interested in outsourcing extra manufacturing capacity.  Your company must adhere to and follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMEA).  Non-GMP manufacturing organizations are not included in this listing.  Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and companies that only do packaging and or labeling are not included in the search engine at this time.  Food, dairy and fine chemical companies are also not included at this time.  If your company meets these requirements, please visit our Listing Page to add or update your existing listing on our search engine.
  • How do I update my company’s production line information?

    If your company is a Sponsor or Active Partner, you will want to contact your company’s CMOLocator account representative.  That designated person can update the information for your company by logging into the site with their username and password.  If your company is not a Sponsor or Active Partner, click here to request an account.   CMOLocator will be happy to help with the process of adding your company’s information.
  • Who can I talk to about advertising on your site?

    Patrick O'Neal is the coordinator for CMOLocator.  He can be reached at:
    Email:  cmolocator@kymanox.com
    Office:  919-246-4896

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