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SICOR Biotech UAB develops and manufactures recombinant biopharmaceuticals.

SICOR Biotech UAB exploits proprietary, highly effective manufacturing technologies to produce moderately priced, modern recombinant therapeutics.

From the beginning in the 1970's as part of the Lithuanian Institute of Applied Enzymology, SICOR Biotech UAB has gained an expertise in biotechnology and has earned a reputation of offering high quality products for the Eastern Europe, the Far East and other markets.

SICOR Biotech UAB current product offerings include Realdiron (interferon alfa-2b human recombinant) registered in 18 countries, Biosoma (recombinant human growth hormone) registered in 11 countries, and Grasalva (filgrastim) recently registered in Lithuania. All products meet EU and USA quality requirements. In addition, SICOR Biotech UAB has a development pipeline composed of several major protein products that dominate in the world biotechnology markets today.


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