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Batavia Biosciences operates two independent locations of BSL-II/ ML-II R&D and GMP facilities for process development and manufacturing of research material, cell line development, cell and virus banking and the manufacture of drug substance and drug product.

1.      The facility in Leiden consists of R&D labs, a BSL-III polio facility and class C GMP facility. The facility is currently equipped to run up to 20L mammalian processes or 20 L microbial fermentation processes.

2.      The facility in Woburn, MA consists of separate viral vector and recombinant protein/antibodies suites. The facility is equipped to run up to 5L mammalian processes.

3.      Batavia Biosciences manufactures Master Cell banks/ Working Cell Banks & Master Virus Seeds/ Working Virus Seeds. The company also offers clinical production and release of proteins, antibodies, viral vaccines and viral vectors produced in diverse formats (iCELLis, scale-X, WAVE Bioreactors, stainless steel bioreactors, spinner flasks, shake flasks, etc).

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