Mycenax Biotech Inc.

Mycenax Biotech Inc. is a biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing organization specializing in mammalian and microbial cell derived biologics.

Mycenax‚Äôs goal is to be the preeminent developer and partner to the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Operated with full line of pipeless technology by a group of experts in technical and quality compliance, Mycenax is the leading biopharmaceutical development company in the area.  Our highly experienced team is committed to use the best-in-class technology and international standard of controls to translate the research findings into therapeutic biologics timely and cost-effectively.  We employ product-driven approach and business practices that meet both regulatory and market requirements.
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Mycenax Biomanufacturing facility
3F, No.8, Kedung 3rd RD,
Jhunan, Miaoli  35053
Taiwan, Asia

GMP Experience
DMF type V registered, Taiwan DOH(Department of Health) cGMP certificated


Winters Fu

Production Lines

Mycenax Biomanufacturing facility   3200L PWBReactor
Location: Jhunan, Miaoli, Taiwan
Main Details
Specialization:  Drug Product (Fill/Finish)Drug Product (Fill/Finish)
Dosage Form:  LyophilizedLyophilized
Batch Size:  1-5,0001-5,000
Supported Vial Size:  2 ml2 ml
Supported Vial Size:  3 ml3 ml
Supported Vial Size:  5 ml5 ml
GMP Level:  CommercialCommercial
Biosafety Level:  Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Single Use:  NoneNone
Additional Services
Analytical Services are AvailableAnalytical Services
Formulation Development is AvailableFormulation Development
Preclinical Manufacturing is AvailablePreclinical Manufacturing
Stability Studies are AvailableStability Studies
Prefilled Syringes are AvailablePrefilled Syringes
Viral Manufacturing is Not AvailableViral Manufacturing
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Last Update: 15DEC09

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