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Creapharm is a clinical supply services provider who can help you by providing a  full spectrum of clinical (Phase I-IV) supply services including:
  • clinical manufacturing
  • capsule blinding
  • over-encapsulation
  • placebo capsules manufacturing
  • clinical packaging
  • clinical labelling
  • primary and secondary packaging
  • clinical distribution
  • return and destruction
  • distribution to clinical sites worldwide
  • international distribution depots network
  • IMP Sourcing and importation
  • comparator sourcing
  • importation and pharmaceutical release in Europe

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Z.A. Air-Space
Avenue de Magudas
Le Haillan - Bordeaux,   33185
France, Europe

GMP Experience
Clinical Supply Services. Clinical manufacturing (placebo capsule manufacturing, overencapsulation), clinical labelling, clinical packaging, comparator sourcing,clinical distribution.


Mégan Deidda
Business Development Manager
Carla Da Costa
Business Development Manager
Sophie Lafon
Business Development Manager

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