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Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services is a dedicated and certified Contract Service Organisation (CSO) offering a broad array of services aimed at the development of biopharmaceuticals for both in vivo and in vitro application such as monoclonal antibodies and r-DNA proteins. As part of a larger organisation (Sanquin employs more than 2800 people), financial stability and a broad field of expertise are coupled with the flexibility and dedication of a smaller company, providing you with a trustworthy partner aimed at meeting your goals and deadlines.

Our multi-purpose plant and supporting laboratories are located in Amsterdam, very close to Schiphol Airport,and are designed to meet the current regulatory requirements for the production and safety testing of biopharmaceuticals. For this purpose, Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services holds a GMP-license for its production activities, a GCLP-license for all QC and safety tests, as well as a GLP accreditation for their viral/prion validation services.

Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services has more than 15 years experience in designing production strategies and scaling up of production of biopharmaceuticals using state-of-the-art fermentation and purification techniques, including potent virus inactivation and removing steps. In contrast to what many other contract manufacturers offer, Sanquin Pharmaceutical Services can also provide you with a broad expertise in the field of biosafety testing and other similar supportive services, such as the process validation for demonstrating reduction of viruses and/or prions during purification and stability and formulation studies.

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Product & Process Development
Plesmanlaan 125
Amsterdam,   1066 CX
Netherlands, Europe

GMP Experience
The Product & Process Department of SPS holds a GMP-license for the production of biopharmaceuticals by means of mammalian cell technology. Its multipurpose plant can handle several projects at the sa
QC & Biosafety testing
Plesmanlaan 125
Amsterdam,   1066 CX
Netherlands, Europe

GMP Experience
The QC & Biosafety testing department of SPS can provide a testing strategy for each stage of your production process based on mammalian cell technology. Whether you are in need of full characterisati
Virus Safety Services
Plesmanlaan 125
Amsterdam,   1066CX
Netherlands, Europe

GMP Experience
SPS Virus Safety Services department (VSS) has more than twenty years experience in performing virus validation studies of cellular blood products, plasma-derived products, and other biologicals. VSS


Peter C. van Mourik
Managing Director

Production Lines

Product & Process Development   Product & Process Development
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Main Details
Specialization:  Drug Substance (API)Drug Substance (API)
Platform:  Cell CultureCell Culture
BioReactor Process:  Fed-BatchFed-Batch
BioReactor Process:  PerfusionPerfusion
BioReactor Scale:  1L-100L30L Bioreactor
GMP Level:  Phase IIIPhase III
Biosafety Level:  Biosafety Level 2Biosafety Level 2
Single Use:  NoneNone
Additional Services
Analytical Services are AvailableAnalytical Services
Cell Banking is AvailableCell Banking
Cell Line Development is AvailableCell Line Development
Preclinical Manufacturing is AvailablePreclinical Manufacturing
Process Development is AvailableProcess Development
Viral Manufacturing is Not AvailableViral Manufacturing
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Last Update: 18NOV09

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