Exelead, is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer specializing in complex injectable formulations, including liposomal drug delivery technology and PEGylation. Our mission is to provide flexible, responsive services and innovative solutions to our clients.

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United States
Indianapolis Manufacturing Facility
6925 Guion Rd
Indianapolis, IN  46268
United States, North America

GMP Experience
Our facility was inspected by the FDA (US), MHRA (UK), EMEA (Europe) and ANVISA (Brazil). In addition to commercial manufacturing, we support all clinical phases of development.
United States
Corporate Headquarters
6925 Guion Rd
Indianapolis, IN  46268
United States, North America


Larry Beiter

Production Lines

Indianapolis Manufacturing Facility   
Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
Main Details
Specialization:  Drug Product (Fill/Finish)Drug Product (Fill/Finish)
Dosage Form:  LiquidLiquid
Batch Size:  1-5,0001-5,000
Supported Vial Size:  2 ml2 ml
Supported Vial Size:  3 ml3 ml
Supported Vial Size:  5 ml5 ml
Supported Vial Size:  10 ml10 ml
Supported Vial Size:  20 ml20 ml
Supported Vial Size:  20+ ml20+ ml
GMP Level:  CommercialCommercial
Biosafety Level:  Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Single Use:  NoneNone
Additional Services
Analytical Services are AvailableAnalytical Services
Formulation Development is Not AvailableFormulation Development
Preclinical Manufacturing is Not AvailablePreclinical Manufacturing
Stability Studies are AvailableStability Studies
Prefilled Syringes are Not AvailablePrefilled Syringes
Viral Manufacturing is Not AvailableViral Manufacturing
Availability: Available

Last Update: 29OCT09

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