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Navigo Proteins: Precision Affinity Ligands for Biologics GMP Manufacturing or as Precision Biopharmaceutical Molecules

Navigo Proteins is a long-standing protein engineering company which employs its proprietary high-throughput Affilin® platform to custom-generate specific protein ligands, based on small (<10kDa), stable protein scaffolds. These protein ligands serve two different purposes: PRECISION CAPTURING ligands serve in affinity chromatography steps of biologics GMP manufacturing; highly specific, superb binding capacity and outstanding caustic stability for dozens of Protein A-like DSP cycles and thus competitive cost of goods. PRECISON TARGETING however, generates biopharmaceutical binder proteins, highly specific, robust, based on a small non-immunogenic human serum protein, and they can flexibly fused to various function-conferring moieties with to create e.g. multi-specific Affilin® molecules, single-chain Affilin®-Drug-Conjugates or radiopharmaceuticals of any desired serum half-life. Navigo partners with pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies.
The Navigo Proteins team is based in Halle/Saale, S/W of Berlin, about 50 heads strong, steadily growing and was founded some 20 years ago

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Heinrich-Damerow-Straße 1
Halle / Saale,   06120
Germany, Europe


Dr Oliver Schub
Director Business Development

Production Lines

   Affinity Ligand Development for GMP Production
Location: Halle / Saale, Germany
Main Details
Specialization:  Drug Substance (API)Drug Substance (API)
Platform:  MicrobialMicrobial
BioReactor Process:  BatchBatch
BioReactor Process:  Fed-BatchFed-Batch
BioReactor Scale:  100L-2000L250L Bioreactor
GMP Level:  CommercialCommercial
Biosafety Level:  Biosafety Level 1Biosafety Level 1
Single Use:  Bioreactor OnlyBioreactor Only
Additional Services
Analytical Services are AvailableAnalytical Services
Cell Banking is Not AvailableCell Banking
Cell Line Development is Not AvailableCell Line Development
Preclinical Manufacturing is AvailablePreclinical Manufacturing
Process Development is AvailableProcess Development
Viral Manufacturing is Not AvailableViral Manufacturing
Availability: Available

Last Update: 10SEP18

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