Affinity Life Sciences, Inc.

Affinity Life Sciences is a contract manufacturing organization committed to providing scientific and quality expertise to meet the production demands of our customers. Our unique services offer our customers a single source for identifying and supplying raw materials, product and process development, manufacturing capabilities, and quality services.

Affinity Life Sciences is a cGMP and ISO 13485 compliant company and is dedicated to the specific needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets. Our cGMP facility can provide custom services including in vitro diagnostic kit production, reagent formulation, vial filling and labeling, kit assembly and labeling, and microplate coating of proteins, nucleic acids, cells, or other target molecules. Our advanced microplate coating systems allow our customers the flexibility of processing a variety of microplate formats, and is ideally suited for high throughput screening (HTS) applications. In addition we provide antibody purification and conjugation, as well as immunoassay design, development, production, and commercialization services.

Affinity Life Sciences also offers in vitro monoclonal antibody production and a range of cell culture services including recombinant protein production in CHO cells (or customer specified cell lines). Whether your needs are for research, diagnostics, or pharmaceuticals, our cGMP facility will meet your production requirements.

As a contract manufacturer, Affinity Life Sciences, Inc. will distinguish itself by providing a wide range of products and services of the highest quality and reliability to meet or exceed our customers' needs, all at a reasonable price.
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United States
Affinity Life Sciences Inc
New Hampshire 13
Milford, NH  03031
United States, North America


Tod Gavron

Production Lines

Affinity Life Sciences Inc   Lyophilization
Location: Milford, NH, United States
Main Details
Specialization:  Drug Product (Fill/Finish)Drug Product (Fill/Finish)
Dosage Form:  LyophilizedLyophilized
Batch Size:  1-5,0001-5,000
Supported Vial Size:  2 ml2 ml
Supported Vial Size:  3 ml3 ml
Supported Vial Size:  5 ml5 ml
Supported Vial Size:  10 ml10 ml
Supported Vial Size:  20 ml20 ml
Supported Vial Size:  20+ ml20+ ml
GMP Level:  CommercialCommercial
Biosafety Level:  Not SpecifiedNot Specified
Additional Services
Analytical Services are Not AvailableAnalytical Services
Formulation Development is Not AvailableFormulation Development
Preclinical Manufacturing is Not AvailablePreclinical Manufacturing
Stability Studies are Not AvailableStability Studies
Prefilled Syringes are AvailablePrefilled Syringes
Viral Manufacturing is AvailableViral Manufacturing
Availability: Available

Last Update: 04AUG14

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