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Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals. With over 35 years of biotechnology experience, more than 3,600 dedicated and highly trained employees and a global network capable of providing the entire production chain from DNA to Fill & Finish, we are the preferred partner of our customers. Our track record speaks for itself:    Since we started offering contract manufacturing in 1995, we have successfully brought more than 30 biologics to the market. We have also transferred and optimized more than 150 development and manufacturing projects at all stages from our customers to our facilities, as well as within our network. Our network of manufacturing facilities spans the globe, from Fremont, California in the United States to Biberach in Germany, Vienna in Austria and Shanghai in China.

We are the preferred partner and single supplier for the production of biopharmaceutical medicines, ranging from mammalian cell cultures to microbial and yeast  fermentations. We have extensive experience with a variety of different host cells, producing an equally broad variety of molecules according to cGMP manufacturing guidelines and covering all stages of development including Fill & Finish. Our focus is on producing value for our customers with robust processes, optimal preparation for launch and global commercial supplies.

We work with 15 of the world’s Top 20 pharma and many innovative biotech companies in getting the right treatments and therapies to these patients. By involving our customers early on and throughout the process as partners, we continuously deepen our knowledge of their needs and wants and set our priorities accordingly.



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